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Vile: I tell you, I've had more trouble with that guy...

Chomp-Man first appeared in Count Vile's Lair, wandering the underground maze and chomping anybody it came across. This attracted Vile's attention and he sought to neutralize it because "that sound it makes is REALLY annoying." He is based on Pac-Man from Pac-Man.

Pac-Manic Depression[]

As Vile was talking with Vlad, Johnson arrived, covered in blood and gashes. He told Vile that a creature they had never seen before was roaming the catacombs (which oddly resemble the Pac-Man maze), and had eaten several of their best men. This caught Vile's personal attention, and he himself sought the creature. Upon observing it chase down and devour one of his minions, he claimed it was magnificent, that it was pure manevolence, and it was one of the darkest monstrosities to roam this realm, but the sound it makes is annoying, so he intended to get rid of it. For this, he brought in four spirits from the darkest pits of oblivion (albeit, quite colourful) to dispose of it. Upon starting the chase, they're immediatly devoured, provoking Vile to exclaim "Oh, son of a bi-" before the end of the episode.


Upon seeing the new tech console that was just installed, Vile complains about how the buttons aren't labeled, only for a flock of Baby Chomp-Men to scatter. Upon seeing this, Vile inquires as to why Johnson had told him they had neutralized the first creature. Johnson tells him they had it under control until "the other one" showed up. According to the Kryptozoolgists, the markings of a bow-shaped crest and a beauty spot suggested a female, and they bred "like homicidal rabbits". The catacombs were sealed, but the smaller ones must be escaping and making their way up. Upon making his way to the catacombs, he sees it has become overrun with Chomp-Men. Upon exchanging suggestions, Vile decides to remove the amazing navigation they have of the maze, replacing half with a bunch of garbage (similar to the legendary 256 screen of Pac-Man) and sends the spirits after them again. However, one of the Chomp-Man grows to the point of getting jammed between the roof and floor, with which the force causes the top half of the mountain the base is under to collapse and cover the entrance, yet again provoking Vile to exclaim "Son of a bi-" before the end of the episode.