Dark Zack Nimbus was an evil clone of Zack Nimbus that was created by Morgan Le Slay and Vlad. Since Zack is partly based on Link from The Legend of Zelda, Dark Zack may be based on Dark Link from the same series. He was made from a lock of Zack's hair, the skull of a pissed-off troll, a tye-dye conch, the egg of two grey chocobirds, and a vile of concentrated evil. However, the ritual was messed up because it required silver eggs and they used grey because Morgan got tired. The result was an evil clone as anticipated, but he was a moron who was prone to fits of maniacal laughter, and monologues. He never got the concept of pretending to be good while being evil. He jumped out of Vlad's Castle's window and immediately showed up at Zack, Sam, and Lin-Ku's place where he did a horrible job at impersonating the real Zack. After a while, the real Zack showed up and started fighting. After Zack gave Sam the password to her computer, she shot Dark Zack, giving the real Zack time to stab the clone. Dark Zack's spilled blood allowed Count Vile to open the first gate of Hell. Also he was blamed for Lin-Ku's killing of a school girl for her lunch money.

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