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The splash poster for Press Start 2 Continue

Press Start 2 Continue is the second live-action movie that takes place in the Press Start universe and takes place immediately after Press Start Adventures. It was released on March 11, 2011.

Some time after the resistance fought Vlad's forces, Zack and Sam are hired to retrieve the Omni-Crystal, an artifact of unlimited power, by the princess of an indeterminate stretch of land, Princess Xanna. After their attempt fails, Xanna turns to their old companion, Lin-Ku, to retrieve the crystal and rescue his companions from a new villain by the name of Mr. X... who is revealed to be a resurrected Count Nefarious Vile!

As Lin-Ku and Xanna are mounting a retrieve and rescue, the captured Zack and Sam find themselves tangled in a battle of their own... to save the Jackamo world! Lead by the helpful monster of Mugwug, they're tasked with playing match after match to free the Jackamo world from an ancient evil unheard of...

The adventure continues in Press Start 2 Continue!