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A vampire hunter, he seems to be based on Richter Belmont from Castlevania. His archenemy is Vlad he also has an obsession with whipping walls and bats. He First appears in the episode Symphony of the Trite of Press Start Adventures. He originally started as a rather serious, albeit inept, vampire hunter, storming Vlad's fortress and killing him with a stake, albeit only for Vlad to return 15 minutes later. He later appears with the rest of the resistance and has gotten noticably dumber, when he is sent with Sam to retrieve the Oracle from the Black Mages. Due to his quick to act stupidity he is repeatedly blasted with chaos magic which he likens to a bee sting and later says it felt good. During an assault on the resistance base he, along with the rest of the resistance was killed by Count Vile and added to his wall of souls. He makes a cameo at the end of Press Start after being restored, In season 2 of Press Start adventures he is sent with Zack to rescue Buzz, after being injured along with everyone else argues who should get a healing item only to blast the other two with a bible. During Count Vile's rule over Hell, God appoints his most loyal follower which was Trenton, a fact that caused a supprised/annoyed God to say "Aw crap". He supervised Vile's role to punish souls rather well, right until Johnson distracted him with a bat.


  • Most of Trenton's lines in Symphony of the Trite are lines from Castlevania Symphony of the Night's opening which is infamous for it's cheesy dialouge.
  • He was chasticed repeatedly for bringing Holy Machetes to sunday school
  • He's obsessed with bats and whipping areas to find hidden healing items, a staple in Castlevania games.
  • His father seen in a flashback greatly resembles Richter Belmont of Castlevania fame
  • His name is a pun on Trevor Belmont
  • He always carries around the Cross weapon from Catlevania which he refers to as the "Jesusarang"
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