Tucson Jackson is a character in the Press Start universe. A fast-talking lawyer, he is based on Phoenix Wright from Ace Attorney. First appearing in Trial and Error in Press Start Adventures he interrupts Lin-Ku's Finishing move on Morgan Le Slay by yelling OBJECTION! he immediately issued a Cease and Decist order signed by Princess Passion Fruit, Princess Xanna, and "That REALLY Fat princess" to stop the fighting competitions by saying that flashy tournament advertising encourages violence in children. He immediately had 3 throwing stars and an axe thrown at him by Lin-Ku and some other ninjas, yet his OBJECTION somehow stopped them mid air. They then had a makeshift trial judged by the announcer. After losing to Lin-Ku he warned that they hadn't seen the last of him and tried to exit using his "Legal Flash" and attempted to throw a smoke bomb but ended setting himself on fire.

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