Joshua Stafford as Zack Nimbus

Zack Nimbus is the main protagonist of Press Start: The Movie. He is portrayed by Joshua Stafford.  He appears to be based on Link from The Legend of Zelda and Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII.


Press Start Adventures: Season 1Edit

Zack did not actually appear in the first season of the web cartoons, but he was mentioned as a prophecized hero that would save the kingdom.

Press Start: The MovieEdit

It's Dangerous to go out alone

Zack's uncle gives him a sword.

Zack's first actual appearance was in the movie. He wakes up one morning to find that everything has changed. His uncle is acting weird, as are the rest of the townsfolk. At one point, his uncle gives him a sword, claiming that it's dangerous to go alone. He goes outside to drop off his uncle's paymet to the Life Lady's house and immediately notices that people say the same thing over again after talking to them twice, after talking to some kids who inform him about Jakumo and immediately insulting it, he is yelled at by Sam who he scoffs at and tells "Take of that helmet sometime will ya!" he then goes to drop off the payment. At her house he seems very oblivious to her hits on him, and runs away after hearing a townswoman scream and saves her from a goblin. Two more goblins show up only to be disintegrated by Sam's blaster, and killed by Lin-Ku's throwing star they then team up on an RPG style fight and after winning it doesn't stop until he does his victory move.

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